Monday, September 11, 2006

Wired to Win

"Wired to Win"... These were some of the last words spoken by our worship pastor Rick Pearson before he went home to Christ last summer. Rick was only 23 when he was hit suddenly and fataly with leukemia. Through it all he never lost faith and he never questioned God's will.

Rick's diagnosis and treatment wasn't cheap. His family racked up a lot of bills along the way. In September of last year his sister and some friends setup a benefit concert. Through that they raised not only enough money to pay the debt but also to continue to contribute to several awsome organizations Rick supported: Compassion International, Passion, Big Stuff and Mountain Lake Church as well as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

At Mountain Lake Church Rick touched hundreds of people, maybe even a few thousand, in our community. Rick's Legacy is now touching thousands around the world. We may wonder why such a young, talented man of God would be called home at a seemingly untimely hour. We just attended the Second Annual Rick Pearson Memorial Benefit Concert and heard there about the amazing things done with the funds raised by last year's event. Perhaps Rick's task was just too big to be done here on Earth.

Like so many others influenced by the events in Rick's life I wasn't there when the words were spoken. In my mind I imagine the conversation went something like this: "If I get well and am with you all for many more years, I win. If I don't and go to Heaven, I win. No matter what happens, I'm wired to win."

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