Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Bob just wrote an interesting entry that dovetails nicely with some things on my mind that fit with the current message series at church. Weird.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Let me repeat that: WOW

I just got back home from what our church calls Wednesday Night Live. It is a periodic meeting for those of us who call Mountain Lake home. Our pastor generally lets us in on some of the things that are coming up over the next few months. Tonight was no exception to that and, in fact, tonight was a totally pumped-up version of a normal WNL (if ever any of our WNLs could be considered "normal" by anyone).

Mountain Lake will be seven years old this coming weekend. We have been attending for the last three of those. God has done some amazing things in all of that time. He has changed the life of everyone who has walked through those doors. Ask anyone who has been there, we've all seen and experienced it personally.

The new chapter introduced tonight by Shawn is going to be an order of magnitude beyond the amazing things we've already seen. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight. It's going to be an awesome journey!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You need a blog...

This is what a good freind of mine told me today at lunch.

I promptly replied, "I have a blog. I just never have time to update it."

And that really brings us to the crux of the matter doesn't it? I mean, I'm just so busy that I never seem to have any "me" time for things like blogging.

I'm not busy in the single parent of six working two jobs to make ends meet while going to night school to get a PhD in quantum physics kinda busy. I'm about as busy as you are. Maybe a little more or a little less but mostly about as busy as your average person.

Now don't misunderstand me. I'm grateful that I have a full schedule. I'm active in my church, I have an awsome family, a career I actually enjoy and friends I can hang out with from time to time. I'm grateful for all of these things and the time to enjoy them. If I didn't have a full schedule it would be because some of these, and other important, things were missing. That would be a Bad Thing.

When I say I'm too busy to blog I guess I mean that after all of the high-priority life things are taken care of and I find myself with an hour or two of responsibility-less time on my hands I have trouble choosing the thing to do next. Do I catch up on that book I've been putting off? (I have about a dozen in the queue.) Or maybe the latest episode of whatever that TiVo has been holding for a couple of months now? Then there's that DVD still in the shrink-wrap. Or maybe that those pet Java projects that I've been tapping away at for a year or more. And, oh yea, the blog.

My friend who recommended that I get a blog knows me well. I have many opinions, insights and so forth that I would like to share. Some are truly useful while others are probably useless.

So, here is my first entry of '07. With luck it will be the first of many. Let's just hope I don't get distracted by... Oh! Shiny thing. Gotta go!