Sunday, February 25, 2007


pteropus is something of a stream of consciousness for me. Ideas come to me and some of them come out here. My ideas tend to fall into four broad categories: Christianity, Java geek stuff, other geek stuff, everything else.

For a while now I've been focusing some of my thoughts on my faith into a dedicated blog. I mention it now because I haven't mentioned it before. I struggled a bit with the decision to create the dedicated blog because I'm proud of my faith and want to put it "out there" for all to see. As such, you'll still see some of those thoughts here; thoughts much along the lines of what I've already posted. If you're one of my geek readers I hope you find something of interest in these posts. If so I invite you to visit John-14-6.

On the theory that I may someday feel the need to fire up other specialized blogs I've setup a focal point for my blog-related interests.

Thanks for visiting, come again soon and invite your friends.

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